3 Times You Should Call a Commercial Electrician

Jan 29, 2021

Did you know there’s different subcategories of electricians? 

A residential or domestic electrician caters to the installation, repairs and maintenance of electrical systems in the home only. Commercial electricians on the other hand, you guessed it, provide installations, repairs and maintenance solely to commercial (business) settings. 

All electricians are not the same. If you’re in business, it’s best you know when and who to call for your commercial electrical needs. 

So, when are 3 times you should call a commercial electrician in Perth? 

Read more from Perth electrical contractors, Wacomm, to find out. 

 1. When your workplace safety switch keeps tripping

An electrical safety switch is a smart little device that quickly switches off an electrical supply if an electrical fault is detected. Safety switches exist to potentially save lives. When they trip, as in, your electrical systems shut down suddenly, it could be preventing something dangerous. 

Here are some common reasons to why safety switches trip: 

  • Overloaded power sockets or power boards, 
  • Faulty appliances, 
  • Wiring faults, 
  • Water in the walls or ceiling impacting the safe circulation of power. 

What do you need to do? 

  • You can try to switch the safety switch back to the ON position. It could be a temporary issue which could be easily reset. 
  • Switch not resetting? Unplug the appliances and turn all lights to the OFF position. 

Wiring and rewiring a commercial premise requires a different set of skills than wiring a residential property. So, make the right call in all your commercial electrical installations, repairs and maintenance. 

Contact a Perth commercial electrician to diagnose and solve your electrical issues. We’ll give you a pinch of knowledge too, to keep you electrically safe in the workplace.


 2. Prolonged power outages at work

Commercial buildings require completely different electrical setups than a standard residential property. So, in the instance of prolonged (or plenty of) power outages, call a commercial electrician in Perth, not a residential one, to diagnose, solve, educate and optimise the electrical systems of your commercial space.


 3. Electrical fires, warning signs and hazards

An electrical fire in a commercial workspace could be the result of many, many things. 

Perth commercial electrician is expertly trained to identify the causes and prevent electrical fires in the workplace. 

What could be an electrical danger? 

  • Faulty electrical wiring, 
  • Electrical equipment that is old and outdated, and 
  • Electrical appliances that are overloading power outlets and circuits. 

A Perth commercial electrician is the only professional team to trust in your commercial electrical systems, wiring and designs. 

Finding professional and reliable Perth electrical contractors is easy. We’re never far away. 


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  • IGA, 
  • Sealy, and 
  • Kmart. 

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