3 Tips On Choosing An Industrial Electrican

Mar 28, 2022

This goes without saying, but normal household electricians in Perth aren’t always the right fit within an industrial context. That is why it is recommended that if you have an industrial premises, to ensure you work with a trained industrial electrician in Perth.

Having worked in specialised environments, industrial electricians have learnt over time, either by training or through experience on the job, the nuanced electrical installations and types of equipment in an industrial context.

Choosing a good industrial electrician in Perth is crucial for your business or warehouse. At WACOMM, we have 3 primary tips for you to consider during your selection process.


#1 Look at their specific experience in industrial work

Not only is there a difference in the type of work that comes in industrial spaces, but the environment can also be vastly different. Good industrial electricians have the experience, knowledge and training required to work with highly specialised pieces of industrial electrical equipment. The deeper the understanding of the industry, the better the performance. We recommend asking the industrial electrician in Perth for any case studies and testimonials they may have.


#2 Are they flexible?

When you consider the nature of industrial electrical work, being flexible is not only preferred, it is nearly mandatory. From unconventional working hours, to being available within a 24-hour span, it is good to work with an industrial electrician in Perth who is malleable with their time. As you never know when an emergency may strike.


#3 What is this industrial electrician’s qualifications? Be sure to ask

An industrial electrician in Perth has gone one step further and specialised themselves into a specific field pertaining to some form of industrial electrical workmanship, and industrial electrical training. It is especially important to check that their training is of sufficient depth to be able to efficiently work with the specialised industrial equipment required.

Remember, working in an industrial context is very different to a household. For a good industrial electrician, training doesn’t stop after gaining your basic certification. It is always interesting to see how much self-learning and upskilling a person has done outside the standard training. Electrical work is everchanging, so take a look at what other certifications they have done.


Our company offers everything from service, maintenance, installations, repairs, energy and solar solutions for all your industrial electrical needs in Perth. It is our priority to ensure your industrial business is running efficiently and smoothly. We want to ensure you see minimal disruption to your workflow.

We are trusted electrical contractors in Perth , WACOMM is a modern and progressive Electrical and Communications company, specialising in complex commercial and industrial electrical services within the WA region for over 20 years. Contact David and the team at WACOMM for a professional and efficient electrical contractor in Perth. You can also view our past project case studies here, to get a feel of our work.

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