5 Signs Your Commercial Building May Need Electrical Rewiring

Jul 22, 2020

Businesses are about providing a service, a product, and experience and hopefully making a profit to stay viable. It’s important to ensure your customers and clients remain satisfied and happy, and your business remains healthy, but what about your actual building?

Is the building in which you run your business healthy?

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure the safety of employees, customers and anybody else visiting the commercial property.

Read more from Wacomm, for five signs that indicate your building may need electrical rewiring, and how electrical contractors in Perth can help.

Dimming or flickering lights

No, it’s probably not a ghost – but dimming or flickering lights may be a sign of something else potentially sinister.

It could point to:

  • An over-loaded circuit,
  • Faulty wiring,
  • Faulty circuit breaker, or a combination of the above.

If the lights of your commercial property are regularly dimming or flickering, a commercial electrician in Perth should be called as soon as possible to check the electrical wiring.

Repeated blown fused or tripped circuit breakers

This is a sign that cannot be ignored and suggests:

  • The wiring is worn out, and
  • Electrical rewiring is needed.

Indicating that the circuit isn’t handling the electrical capacity to run your business, an emergency commercial electrician is the best and safest point of call.

Buzzing, burnt or dead power outlets or switches

With electricity problems, if you can see it or hear it – you’re definitely not imagining it.

Buzzing, burnt and/or dead power outlets or switches shows something is undeniably wrong with the isolated section, if not the entire buildings electrical wiring.

Calling a Perth emergency commercial electrician sooner rather than later ensures the problem is identified, diagnosed and fixed – preventing a potentially dangerous situation.

Electric shocks to building occupants

Similar to the above, you do not want to be feeling the power of electricity, even only a shock.

Whether an isolated incident or concerning the building’s electrical wiring, if anybody within the building feels and reports an electric shock, a Perth emergency commercial electrician should be contacted immediately.

A broken, cracked or cut insulation cable

The function of an insulation cable is to:

  • Prevent electrical wiring from coming into contact with other conductors,
  • Protect from the outside elements, and
  • Deter electrical leakage.

Therefore, an insulation cable that’s damaged in any way, shape or form needs to be replaced. If the damage is extensive, complete electrical rewiring of the building may be needed.

Perth electrical contractors can inspect, diagnose and provide electrical rewiring (if needed) to ensure optimum building and electrical health.

The above signs may seem like worst possible scenarios as a business owner, negatively impacting the health and safety of workers, customers and costing a large amount to fix.

But it doesn’t have to do any of that.

Wacomm, an experienced team of electrical contractors in Perth provide electrical rewiring, and emergency commercial electrical services that are cost-effective and minimise downtime.

Need an emergency commercial electrician?

Contact Wacomm today for quality electrical services and workmanship from complete electrical rewiring to testing, tagging and maintenance.

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