5 Ways A Commercial Electrician Can Help Your Business

Apr 21, 2020

6 Ways A Commercial Electrician Can Help Your Business

If your business has a commercial property it is extremely important that your electrical system is overseen by a commercial electrician. Your electrical system is paramount to the daily running of your business and without a reliable and safe access to electricity your business would have interruptions, delays and may even break work health and safety standards.

Below are some of the key elements that having a commercial electrical contractor can support your business.

  1. Energy Efficiency – Any professional commercial electrician can provide ways to raise the energy efficiency of your business. Creating a more sustainable and energy enough environment for your business could increase ROI as you will not be paying as much for your electricity thus improving overall profitability of your business. Customers or consumers are now also becoming very energy savvy and tend favour businesses that strive to be more energy efficient and environmentally conscious.
  2. Testing & Tagging – Testing and tagging is a preventative procedure that involves ensuring that your businesses electrical applies are safe to operate. This is procedure is done by a commercial electrical who will perform a visual check for damages before testing each appliance. Once this appliance has been tested the commercial electrical will tag it as being safe and then provide a recommended date to test it again. Testing & Tagging appliances routinely is an important safety measure and will ensure that your business operates within the work health and safety standards of Western Australia.
  3. Circuit Breaker Testing – Circuit breaker testing is a test that is designed to ensure your electrical switching system and tripping system is set up properly and is working. This is an important type of test to ensure the reliability of your circuity breakers and to test that they are safe. A commercial electrician will perform this test and it is important that it is done regularly to detect any issues and prevent them before they cause any damage which in turn would harm your business and employees.
  4. Lighting – It is quite common in Western Australia that your lighting system could account for more than 60% of your electricity bill. If you work alongside an experienced electrical contractor, they could provide a system that could significantly save on your lighting costs. A knowledgeable commercial electrician will be able to provide upgrades to your system as well as recommend products that could create a more efficient lighting environment.
  5. Switchboard maintenance – A qualified and experienced commercial electrician has the ability to minimise failures that could potentially occur in your businesses switchboard. By using an electrical contractor to routinely check your switchboard, you could eliminate any unnecessary repair and replacement costs whilst improving your overall electrical safety on your commercial premises. If your switchboard is properly maintained it can increase the lifespan and improve safety.

The daily operations of a business is time consuming and also costs money, the last thing you want as a business owner is to have things come to a halt due to an electrical issue. By working with a professional commercial electrician, you not only create a safe environment for yourself, your employees and your customers but you also can save money. A commercial electrician can look at your electrical system and provide a solution that will make it safer and more energy efficient.

If you are looking for a Perth based commercial electrician that has the knowledge and experience to help with your business’s electrical maintenance get in touch with us today, we help many WA businesses just like yours.



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