Access Control Basics for Your Business

Mar 11, 2022

Access control systems allow you to restrict access to facilities to only those who are trusted, and their popularity is steadily rising.


Access control is an integral part of every organisation’s security plan. Access control is your first line of defence against unwanted entry. Access control measures reduce the need for security personnel or other systems, such as video surveillance. It also minimises the risk to assets. You can save time and money by ensuring your assets and people are protected. 


It can be hard to define what access control is for your company and how to implement it safely and effectively. It is important to ask questions about the value of assets and the risks they pose. Also, it is necessary to assess where you have fallen short in protecting those assets. Finally, evaluate the effectiveness of your security measures against these risks. You must also consider whether your staff will be willing to tolerate the inconvenience, and the health-safety implications of certain measures. 


WACOMM has been working closely with corporate tenants, building owners, and facility managers to create comprehensive security solutions for businesses in a variety of industries. As Perth commercial electricians, we understand the importance and different methods of access control. Look at our blog to make informed security decisions today for your business. 



How Does Access Control Work?


Access control can be divided into two groups that are designed to improve physical security or cybersecurity. 


  • Physical Access Control: This controls access to buildings and other physical assets. E.g., a proximity card is required to unlock a door. 
  • Logical control: prevents access to computers’ networks, files, and other private data. e.g., a password and a username. 



Types of access control


When shopping for security solutions, there are four main types of access control systems from which you can choose: 


  • Discretionary access control (DAC): Every entry control device has a list that lists the users who have access to it. This access control method is the easiest and most flexible. 
  • Mandatory Access Control (MAC): Each user has unique permissions. Although managing all users can be tedious, this access control is the most secure. 
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC): Permissions can be assigned based on the role or status of employees. Anyone with the title of manager is permitted in rooms A, C, and B. If someone is promoted, you will need to update their role to grant them manager access. 
  • Rule-Based Access Control: Allows access to be determined by a set of pre-defined rules. If the business is closed, no one is permitted to enter the office. 


Each type of access control has its pros and cons. It all depends on the level of security desired, and the amount of time required to manage the system. 



Basic Access Control Devices 


Access control entry devices decide if a user can enter an area. There are many kinds of entry devices. These are, however, the most used. 


  • Keypad Reader: Enter a number code or PIN to gain access. 
  • Reader with Mag-Stripes: To gain entry, swipe a magnetic key card. 
  • Proximity Reader: like a magstripe reader, but you only need to push the credentials (usually a card) into the reader. 
  • Biometric Reader: This device uses fingerprints or facial scans to validate visitors. 


There are many benefits to each type. Keypad readers are usually the simplest and most cost-effective. However, they offer less security than mag-stripe readers. A biometric reader will provide unmatched security but can be difficult and expensive to manage. It is important to choose the right one for your company’s specific needs. 


All entry devices can be used to integrate with your existing systems (e.g., alarm systems) to maximise business security. 


Now you have learned about access control systems, let’s take an in-depth look at the keyless access entry systems’ top benefits. 



Monitor All Activity


Businesses often store valuable assets and merchandise in their designated facilities. This can be a temptation for those who have easy access to the area. 


There is a high chance that property could be stolen every day from pharmacies, laboratories, and clinics where high-value medical equipment and pharmaceutical drugs can be sold on black markets. 


These establishments can monitor who has accessed their facilities by using an access control system. This technology can log every entry and allow security personnel to review it in the event of an incident. 



Higher Security for Sensitive Data and Communications in Perth


While the theft of valuable items and assets is a concern for many facilities, it is possible for data breaches to occur. Theft of personal property and physical hard drives are common examples of physical breaches. 


These breaches can lead both to the loss of company data as well as the theft and misuse of personal information. Companies today need to implement effective discretionary control systems in areas that contain Perth data and communication servers. 


Businesses have the option to use the right system to generate different credentials for different access control levels. A cloud-based mobile access system can protect employee information as well as business information. 



Increased Building Safety for Everyone


A keyless access control system improves worker safety when they are inside the building. This ensures that workers are protected from possible harm from outsiders. 


A keyless entry system can be used to enhance the safety of condo ownership and apartment rentals. Secure access door locks can be used to secure furniture, appliances, and other valuables. 


Systems that use mobile credentials, for example, add an additional layer of security because credentials cannot be shared or copied like physical keys. 



Building the right system


There is no single access control system that works for all properties. Each property has its own security needs and material facts. As a commercial electrical company, we believe a close examination of your security needs and vulnerabilities is key to finding the right solution. 



WACOMM offers Business Access Control


It can be challenging to find the right access system for your company. Perth commercial electrician, WACOMM is here to help. Our team has years of experience helping Perth businesses choose and install security equipment such as access control systems, alarm systems, and CCTV systems that will protect their assets. 


As a commercial electrical company, we can help you navigate the process and find the right security solution to fit your business’s needs. Contact us today. 

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