Commercial Electricians and Data Cabling

Feb 20, 2020

Data cabling is used to describe the running of cables and their connection to and from multiple sources.

It’s also one of the many services commercial electricians in Perth offer businesses.

More than just electrical work repairs and fit-outs, commercial electricians do data cabling, for high-quality cable installation in offices.

From Ethernet, landline, fibre optic communications or networking media – read on from electrical contractor Perth experts, Wacomm, on data cabling for offices.

Commercial data cabling for your office

Your commercial electricians should firstly, be informed on your commercial electrical needs.

Hint: which is more than saying you use telephones or not!

This is what you, as a business owner, should think about regarding commercial electrical work:

  • How many people are employed on-site?
  • What phone systems are currently in use?
  • Are you expecting business growth any time soon?
  • What is the business structure like?
  • Do you share your space with other businesses?

The above affects the number of sockets, ports and cabling required to facilitate your office electrical work. If you use a dedicated on-site server, it requires a set-up of extra sockets and cabling to connect all the computers to it.

On the other hand, using a cloud-based host for all your digital files and documents, eliminates much of the data cabling needed to maintain a server.

Commercial electricians in Perth can identify, assess and provide electrical advice catered to your business needs.

Data cabling: phone and computer use

Phones and computers are, without a doubt, the main use of data cabling. So, how many phones and computers are used (or are going to be used) in your office?

If you use primarily wireless phones and computers, then you require less data cabling.

Phone systems, communication systems and commercial electrical systems – they’re all vital systems to operate a successful business. Make sure your electrical systems are compliant and optimised by consulting with your commercial electricians in Perth.

Untangle your electrics with electrical contractors in Perth

Running a business is hard – from consistently delivering a good-quality product or service, employing and retaining staff, doing the company books and so much more.

It makes sense that your commercial electrical systems take a backseat and only becomes an issue when something goes wrong. Your reliable team of Perth commercial electricians can take of everything data cabling, and installation and maintenance of your commercial electrical systems.

Your Perth electrical contractors can advise you on the types of data cable that are best for your business based on speed and capacity.

Transmission speeds, shielding, safeguards and all the different types of cable– let your commercial electrician in Perth manage these so you can focus on your business.

In the age of hands-free, wireless and digital innovation – who’d have thought we still needed data cabling? Don’t do it yourself and get caught up in cords. Focus on what your business does best, and we’ll help make sure your electrical systems support your business efficiently.

From installing a single phone line, to a complete commercial electrical fit-out, Wacomm are the Perth electrical contractors to rely on for your business.

Need help with data cabling in your office? Contact your Perth electrical contractors, Wacomm, today to repair, test, and install all things commercial electrical and data cabling.

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