Electrical Safety At Work: Is your Workplace Compliant

Jun 19, 2020

Is your workplace compliant? While this may seem like a simple yes or no question, answering it needs an electrical checklist ticked and understood.

Testing and tagging, RCD testing, emergency and exit light testing are just a few of the points on a Perth commercial electrician’s compliance checklist.

Not sure if your workplace meets these compliance requirements? Or can’t remember the last time your workplace had an electrician compliance audit?

Read more from the trusted electrical contractors in Perth, Wacomm to find out more about optimising electrical safety at work.

Testing and tagging in the workplace

Most people have some sort of understanding of the requirements of testing and tagging of electrical equipment in the workplace.

What does test and tag mean?

This is the process of safety checking portable electrical appliances and their connection to the electrical supply in these two steps:

  1. Visual inspection of the electrical appliance, and
  2. Utilising electrical testing equipment to test the appliance.

Passes the test? Great! It gets tagged with information on who performed the test, the date and due date of the next test.

Fails the test? An “out of service” tag will be placed on the electrical equipment, it will be withdrawn from service and needs repair or replacement.

What needs electrical testing and how often?

When it comes to a commercial workplace electrical compliance, business owners and employees alike need to understand what needs testing, tagging and when.

Here are some common examples around the workplace:

  • Mobile device chargers (including laptops),
  • Desktop computers and monitors,
  • Standard office equipment (photocopiers, printers and shredders),
  • Office kitchen appliances (fridges and kettles),
  • Electric power tools, extension and power boards,
  • Televisions, radios and audio-visual equipment, and
  • Electrical cleaning equipment (vacuums).

Depending on your workplace environment, tagging and testing time frames may vary from 3-monthly for building, construction and demolition industries to 5-yearly for low risk environments.

A fully trained Perth commercial electrician will know what needs testing, tagging and how often.

What else should I do to be workplace compliant?

Aside from the ins and outs of testing and tagging, there’s more to workplace electrical compliance.

In Western Australia, electrical leads and RCDs (residual current devices) should be tested every 12 months. RCD tests performed by a Perth commercial electrician involves safely ‘tripping’ your RCD to ensure it will operate quickly and efficiently in the instance of an electrical incident.

In the unlikely event of a workplace evacuation and emergency, you’ll need your emergency exit lights to be in full-working order. Perth electrical contractors can perform a 90-minute battery test, inspect and/or replace your signs if necessary.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Ensure workplace electrical compliance now!

Workplace compliance checks with a Perth commercial electrician 

Wacomm are a friendly and professional team of electrical contractors Perth business owners trust.

We provide:

  • Electrical fault finding and repair,
  • RCD testing,
  • Exit and emergency light testing,
  • Electrical safety audits, detailed electrical reports and more.

Need help with workplace electrical compliance?

Contact Wacomm today and see how a trusted team of commercial electrical contractors in Perth will optimise electrical safety in your workplace.

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