How Long Do Led Lights Really Last?

Apr 27, 2022

The lifespan of an LED light will typically fall within a range of 4-6 years.


There are some LED lights that could last 10 years, but those very same lights may only last for 8 years due to luminous decay from frequent use, paired with it being outdoors in scorching temperatures.

On the other hand, that same 10-year LED light may last 12 years, particularly if the light is kept in a room-temperature location, and rarely ever used.

Our team here at WACOMM specialises in commercial electrical services, and today, we are exploring LED lights, it’s lifespan and how to get the most out of your lightbulb.


The lifespan of an LED light has everything to do with how it is used.


Factors such as the area, application, access to current, surrounding temperature, frequency of use, and even the way in which an LED light is used can impact the lifespan of the LED light. 

Therefore, while manufacturers often provide an estimated lifespan, this should be taken with a pinch of salt rather than perceived as an exact measurement. The only way for an LED light manufacturer to know the exact lifespan of every bulb, regardless of use, would be through planned obsolescence.

Rather than trying to identify the exact lifespan, the manufacturer provides an estimation based on common usage in typical situations. 


Did you know? Running LED lights on higher currents than you should, can shorten their lifespans.

LED lights have a specific operating range, and when used with an electrical current that is too low, they don’t produce the expected light output. As a result, you can expect more usage out of one bulb. Keep in mind however that this situation actually lasts longer because the LEDs are not being utilised at their full capacity.

When an LED light is used with a higher current, it can have the opposite effect. As a result, the LED light’s lifespan is reduced, and it may cause overheating or even burning out of components like bulbs, and corresponding aspects of your electrical system.


If you wish to prolong the lifespan of your LED lights, then turn them off when they’re not in use.


It is important to make sure all lights in your home are off when you go to bed, and that outdoor lighting is turned off, or dimmed down before the morning. This may seem like an obvious thing to consider; however, most people forget to do it. Remembering to turn off your lights can extend the life of LED bulbs significantly. We recommend you simply turn them on only when needed, and always avoid prolonged use.  

Increasingly, electrical companies in Perth are seeing a wave of home residents who are investing and implementing SMART home systems or even a SMART lighting system with scheduling capabilities. This ensures

that all the lights are turned off when they aren’t used. You can chat to us about this.


Any more queries? Don’t hesitate to give our data and communications Perth team a call. WACOMM is one of the leading electrical companies in Perth, available to attend to your needs. Request a quote from your Perth commercial electricians today. 

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