How to Resolve and Prevent Tripped Circuits

May 31, 2021

Electricity is something we take for granted while it’s working. It’s only really ever noticed when it’s not. A tripped circuit breaker can see an entire section of your commercial premises thrown into darkness. So, naturally, knowing how to resolve and prevent tripped circuits at work and in general, is great knowledge to have.

Want to know how to resolve and prevent tripped circuits in the workplace?

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The causes of a tripped circuit breaker

A circuit breaker is an automatic operational switch which is designed to protect electrical circuits from damage when there’s an excess current from an overloaded or short circuit.

When a circuit breaker ‘trips,’ it has found a fault and shut itself off to prevent overheating and potential ignition. Essentially, a tripped circuit breaker may be an inconvenience, but it’s only doing its job.

In summer, Perth commercial electricians see more circuit breakers trip due to extensive power usage in cooling homes and offices.

What else causes a circuit breaker to trip?

  • Faulty switches, plugs and/or appliances
  • A ground fault – where an active wire comes into contact with the ground wire.

Do you have a workplace circuit breaker that is tripping regularly? And you can’t find the source of the problem? Contact a Perth commercial electrician immediately to save the stress of a potential electrical emergency.

What to do when your circuit breaker trips

You could panic. You could even adapt to working offline and in the dark.

Or, you could follow these 4 steps if/when your circuit breaker trips:

  • Switch off all electrical appliances

Even though the power is already out, still turn off electrical appliances at the switch or power board. Doing this will ensure the appliances won’t contribute to another trip when the power goes back on.

  • Turn off the master switch

This will cut all power to the circuit and make sure you won’t get hurt at the circuit breaker.

  • Take note of your safety switch

Do you have an RCD safety switch? If not, you should definitely get a Perth commercial electrician to install and maintain one to save you or someone else a nasty zap.

  • Flip the breaker back on

Upon identifying why and how the circuit breaker tripped in the first place, you can now flip the breaker from off back to the on position. Now you can switch everything back on at the source and get back to work.

Not sure why your circuit breaker keeps tripping? Contact the Perth electrical contractor team at Wacomm for all your electrical repairs, maintenance and emergencies.

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