How to Spot the Signs of an Electrical Overload

Aug 20, 2020

We as humans, get overloaded all the time, with work and out of work commitments.

We can only handle so much – just like the electrical circuits at home, in the office and well, in the home office! Right now, our electrical appliances in the home and the electrical circuits that allow them to serve us are working at a greater pace, at a greater capacity.

This could lead to an electrical overload.

How can you identify the signs of an electrical overload?

Read more from the electrical contractors Perth specialists at Wacomm to find out.

What is an electrical overload?

Just like us, electrical circuits/outlets can only take so much.

If you’re plugging in more and more appliances, this may result in dangers and risks, like:

  • Electric shocks (ouch!)
  • Property damage and electrical fires, and
  • Damage to appliances and electrical devices.

Increased usage of electrical appliances, overreliance on extension boards and old and/or faulty wired homes are the main culprits behind electrical overloads.

As a team of trusted commercial electricians in Perth, here are the warning signs of an overloaded electrical circuit.

A burning aroma

If you can smell burning coming from an electrical circuit, trust your instinct and call a commercial electrician in Perth.

Why? An overloaded electrical circuit generates a lot of heat. If the circuit doesn’t have a breaker for protection, this will lead to overheating, melting and/or burning.

Don’t hesitate and wait for the worst-case scenario. Electrical contractors in Perth are here for electrical emergencies.

Sizzling, scorching and tripping

Similar to the burning smell, you can rely on your other senses for electrical overload warning signs.


  • See: Yourcircuit breaker(s) is constantly tripping – you’ll see the power go out.

Also, discolouration or scorch marks around sockets and switches shows overloading.

  • Hear: Buzzing, cracking or sizzling noises coming from an electrical circuit. Electricity is a quiet convenience and any audible indication of its presence is a sign of something wrong.

As soon as you see, hear or smell something wrong with the electrical system in your home or office, call a Perth electrical contractor. These are all the warning signs of a circuit that is taking on too much.

How to avoid an electrical overload

Electricity is often unnoticed and taken for granted, and both a necessity and a convenience in our day to day lives.

There’s a couple of things you can do to protect you, your loved ones and colleagues from electrical overloads:

  • Avoid relying on extension boards (otherwise known as power boards/extension leads)
  • Install circuit breakers and surge protection

Call upon Wacomm electrical contractors Perth

When in doubt, electrical safety is the paramount factor to consider.

Electrical overloads are reasonably easy to identify, but even easier to prevent.

If you suspect an electrical overload in your home or office, Wacomm are a dedicated team of electrical contractors in Perth to solve your problems.

Don’t be left in the dark during a power trip or ignore your gut feeling.

Let a Perth electrical contractor bring you and your home back to electrical safety and compliance.

Need a fast, reliable and cost-efficient electrician? Contact Wacomm today for Perth electrical contractors you can count on.

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