Improving Health and Safety in Construction with two-way radios

Feb 15, 2022

Two-way radios for industrial electrical contractors is a must in ensuring health and safety for everyone on site. 


Busy and often loud, construction sites are full of hazards that can be easily avoided, and one of the most important tools in keeping everyone safe is good communication. Especially in an emergency, it’s vital to alert everyone quickly and efficiently if there is a danger or risk to their safety. 


Two-way radios, also known by the names walkie talkies or PTTs (push-to-talk), are a handy communication device that many industries have used since the 1920s.  


Two-way radios will help you and your team reduce errors, improve efficiency, meet deadlines while ensuring worker safety.  


Working with commercial electrical company who provide premium services means you will get the best products. This includes emergency features like -man down, lone worker and an emergency button. These are important for meeting safety standards.  


Two-way radios allow people to communicate with one another or multiple people at once. This allows for faster responses in critical situations. 



Uses for radio on construction sites  


  • Site foremen and industrial electrical contractors can immediately notify their teams when they are unavailable. They also let everyone know the alternate supervisor they can call when they need assistance. 
  • Better coordinate arriving machinery with equipment and supplies to make sure workers are properly positioned to maintain efficiency. 
  • Instant communications make it easy to keep construction projects on track. Instant communications allow users to communicate with each other and solve problems instantly. 
  • Easier coordination of everyday tasks e.g., Installations of electrical equipment and wire pulling. 
  • Manage material orders to quickly communicate when and where materials need to be delivered. 
  • Safety for workers and industrial electrical contractors as security, supervisors can respond quickly to emergencies and first aid can be provided. 
  • Don’t make mistakes 



Crystal clear communications in high-noise environments 


Perth data and communication operators must fight for signal and try to get information in real-time. However, they also must contend with background noise, particularly from machinery. 


Operators who are unable to understand instructions or warns could pose a danger to their health and safety. One example is when a supervisor issues a warning about a structure that is unsafe or prohibits entry to the area. But because of the noise, it might not be understood. 


Two-way radios can overcome this problem. They can be fitted with noise-cancelling headsets equipped with boom microphones. These headsets can reduce harmful sounds (such machinery) to safe levels, while low sounds (such voices) can be amplified up 5 times their original levels. These headsets have a push to talk (PTT), button that makes it possible for hands-free communication in high noise environments. These functions make two-way construction radios, with the necessary accessories, ideal for communication in these situations. 



Eliminate falls  


Two-way radios are safer on job sites because it eliminates the need for clients, co-workers, sub-contractors and employees to climb up to talk to each other. The more undeveloped the building site, the more difficult it will be to get from one place to the next. The risk of falling is decreased by not having to climb ladders or navigate narrow scaffolding. This not only reduces the risk of falls on your site for everyone. This also makes your site more productive. It means that there will be fewer downtimes, increased revenue, fewer insurance claims, and fewer lawsuits. 



Always available in emergency situations  


Many people believed that two-way radios would disappear when mobile phones hit the market. However, this wasn’t the case. Construction professionals quickly realised that walkie talkies offer a better way to ensure safety on construction sites than mobile phones. 


The two-way radio has a better build quality and is more durable than mobile phones. Smartphones have fragile glass screens that are susceptible to cracking if dropped or exposed to impact. Cracked screens can make this device useless and inaccessible for emergency purposes, such as when it is damaged by a fall or sustained an injury on the job.  



Improved communication across job sites  


  • Walkie talkies are more cost effective. They are cheaper to purchase than mobile phones and don’t require a monthly plan.  
  • They are easier to use when your hands are dirty with building material or covered in gloves. 
  • The latest devices have better clarity and sound than mobile devices 
  • With two wat radios you can easily speak to multiple people simultaneously, this is only possible on an inconvenient conference call feature when using a mobile phone 
  • You can’t get a mobile phone signal everywhere. A cellular phone may be useless on remote job sites. Job elements may also impede the signal, this includes metals, thick walls, concrete or trenches.  
  • They are ideal for emergencies such as utility blackouts or storms because they work even if communication towers are cut off 
  • Walkie talkies have a great battery life and have rechargeable batteries that are charged in charging stations when the radio isn’t in use.  
  • Great way to reach all workers at once, such as to alert site of public safety issues in surrounding residential or commercial neighbourhood. 


 Leading supplier of two-way radios in construction environments 


Perth’s data and communication experts, WACOMM, are a commercial electrical company specialising in the design and deployment of radio solutions for the construction industry. The two ways P25, DMR and Tetra products with accessories are our hands-free radio kit. It is a unique solution that helps to improve safety and health on construction sites. 


For the latest Perth data and communication solutions, get in touch to learn more about our products in the construction industry.  


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