RCD Testing – Does your business need it?

Apr 21, 2020

RCD Testing – Does your business need it?

With regards to electrical security, RCDs and RCD testing are significant concepts to comprehend. The utilization, testing, and upkeep of RCDs is set out in your state/an area WHS laws, significant Australian Standards, and other pertinent guidelines. As the controller of a work environment, you could have obligations and commitments covering RCD issues.


An RCD or residual current device is a safety device that has life-saving potential. An RCD is designed to prevent you or anyone in your business from getting an electrical shock if you touch something live in your commercial premises. RCDs offer a high level of protection and as a safety device it switches off electricity automatically if there is a fault.


It is important to ensure your RCD is functioning properly to do this you must regularly test your RCDs. This involves intentionally tripping the RCD in your commercial building to ensure that it will work effectively and properly incase an electrical incident occurs.


Protecting your business is a priority for WACOMM and we provide a large range of preventative services as a commercial electrician. RCD testing is extremely important as it can protect you and your employee’s lives.

Burns – RCDs have the potential to prevent electric shock that could cause harmful or even fatal burns to the skin.

Fires – RCDs can limit the potential danger caused by electrical blasts or flames. This is particularly important on locations that have flammable substances.

Wet environments – A wet working environment means there is a higher potential danger for electrical shocks and stuns. An RCD could potentially keep these episodes from happening, even in the event of your commercial building being flooded.

Uncovered parts and wires – If your business has uncovered parts or exposed live wires that have not been properly attended to a properly working RCD could prevent any potential danger these wires could cause.

Powerpoints– If your commercial property has any faulty power points then there is a high danger of electrical shock. An RCD will prevent this issue and create a safer working environment.

Falls – Any commercial environment that has any heights such as stairs, stepping stools or ladders needs to ensure their RCDs are working properly as they could prevent falls due to electrical shock.

As per AS3760, WA workplaces must test their RCD’s every six months to remain compliant. These 6 monthly tests could be the difference between one of your employees going home to their family every night or not. Wacomm can’t recommend this testing regime highly enough.

If you require a Perth Electrical Contractor to provide a regular RCD testing get in touch with Wacomm today as we specialize in commercial electrical preventative and maintenance services.

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