Switchboard Failing? You Should Call an Emergency Commercial Electrician

Mar 18, 2020

Commercial properties are fitted with a range of complex circuits and electrical wiring which connects everything to a switchboard.

Generally, we don’t think about our electricity because we can’t see it. However, we all can feel electricity, and see when electricity (or power) fails us.

Read more from Wacomm to find out more about switchboards, why they fail, and what Perth electrical contractors will get them back up and running fast.

What is a switchboard?

The purpose of a switchboard in homes and businesses is to ensure the power distribution throughout the premise works safely and effectively.

More often than not, switchboards look like an alien machine that would have heavily featured on 20th century sci-fi movies.

A common switchboard contains panels with smaller sections and cables to divide and distribute power. Switchboards are potentially the hardest workers on site and are designed to keep you safe.

Please don’t try and DIY your own commercial (or residential) electrical work, especially when a switchboard appears to be failing.

You should only call your licensed and commercial electrician in Perth, who is qualified for all electrical installations, maintenance and replacements on commercial properties.

Common reasons why a switchboard fails

More than just a divider and distributor of power throughout a property, a switchboard should also cease immediately if it detects an electrical fault.

When your switchboard fails, or something electrical just isn’t right, these are some of the possible reasons why:

  • Old wiring design

If your business is based in an old building, who’s to say the electrical system has been updated recently? Old and damaged wiring in a building may be the culprit behind a failing switchboard.

Just like technology, outdated wiring systems need to be updated to meet the demands of a 21st century business.

  • Switchboard overload

Ever find that if you multi-task to the extreme, not much gets done, or many things are only half completed?

Well, the same goes for switchboards and electrical systems.

Modern electrical wiring systems are designed to accommodate loads from all appliances and devices, however a system that craves more power may wreak havoc on a burnt-out switchboard.

Avoid electrocution and fires by making the right call before an electrical emergency even has the chance to happen.

This can be achieved by ensuring your commercial electrician in Perth conducts regular on-site electrical inspections, and by calling Wacomm immediately if there’s an interruption to electrical supply, and/or lights or devices start tripping.

Your Perth commercial switchboard solution

A failing switchboard is an urgent matter and one that can be resolved by calling Wacomm, your emergency commercial electrician in Perth.

Why Wacomm?

  • We know electrics – with over 20 years servicing Western Australia’s electrical needs
  • We specialise in commercial preventative maintenance, electrical safety audits and more,
  • Plus, we offer a 24/7 emergency response for commercial electrical emergencies including failing switchboards.

An emergency commercial electrician in Perth will repair or replace, ensuring as little business interruption as possible.

Need help with a failing switchboard? Contact Wacomm, your Perth commercial electricians today for emergency solutions to your switchboard troubles.

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