The Benefits of Custom Cabling in the Workplace

Apr 21, 2021

There’s generic cabling in an office which keeps electrical equipment operating and then there’s the fit for purpose, custom cabling which is uniquely tailored to your business needs.

Custom cabling can suit any and all commercial spaces, from sound studios and retail outlets, to medical rooms and schools.

Are you considering custom cabling in the office?

Read more from the Perth commercial electrician team at Wacomm for your guide to the benefits of custom cabling.


Flexibility in function

As you probably already know and have unfortunately experienced, behind many businesses, workshops and professional home office systems, there’s a tangled mess of cables hidden away.

It may also appear that as your vital electrical systems grow and develop more functions, the complexity, cable connections and confusion grows, too.

What disorganised cabling can lead to:

  • Overheating,
  • Complete or partial cable failures, and
  • Slower systems when adding or removing devices.

How custom cabling helps in flexibility and function:

  • The cables are made to measurements,
  • Multiple functions can be added to just one cable line,
  • Coloured coating capabilities for ease of use, and
  • General, overall savings in money, time and frustration.

Think custom cabling is the answer you’ve been waiting for? Contact Wacomm, the professional Perth commercial electricians, to make it happen.


Enhance business quality and performance

Custom cabling, otherwise known as off-the-shelf cabling, provides greater cable capacities, lengths and component quality.

What does this mean?

  • Depending on the location and scope of work of your business, you may need cabling that must meet strict industry standards and regulations.
  • Perhaps your cabling systems need to carry non-typical power loads, survive under Western Australia’s harsh UV rays, or meet medical sterilisation standards.
  • It’s standards and circumstances like those listed above where custom cabling is the logical answer to your business needs.

Wacomm are a team of Perth electrical contractors you can rely on to design, create and install the best possible, custom cabling solutions to meet your requirements.


Save time and get value for money

Any system or strategy that makes tasks easier in the workplace is always appreciated. This includes anything, big or small, that saves on time. Custom cabling does exactly that.


  • Improved installation speeds,
  • Reduction in potentially costly mistakes, and
  • Limited wasted material.

Know that when you order and install custom cabling in your workplace, you will receive value for money and reduce costs by having the right cable for the task every time.

Now you just need to find a Perth electrical contractor to safely install for you.


Perth commercial electricians and custom cabling

For over 20 years, Wacomm have helped businesses throughout Perth update, maintain and repair their electrical systems.

We make it our priority to stay up to date with the latest and greatest technologies that aim to help business owners and employees do what they do best.

Custom cabling is just one way we make business operations smoother for our valued clients.


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