The Do’s and Don’ts of a Power Outage at Work

Jan 15, 2021

A power outage at home or at work is frustrating at best. You never really realise how much you take electricity for granted until it stops working – especially in the heat, and especially when you need it to get work done!

Did you know there’s things you should (and shouldn’t) do during a power outage at home or at work?

These will keep you safe while you wait for a Perth electrical contractor to rescue you, if need be.

Read more from the Perth commercial electrician specialists at Wacomm to find out.

What causes a power outage?

There’s many reasons why a power outage may eventuate at a workplace.

Let’s investigate:

  • Wild weather (storms, strong winds and lightening),
  • Electrical failures (from faulty transformers, switches, connectors and cables), and/or
  • Appliance failures (which may lead to damaging or deadly power surges).

Fortunately, with appliance failures, an ensuing blackout is actually your workplaces electrical system automatically cutting off the flow of power to protect everyone inside your commercial premises.

If any of the above events have impacted your business, or you’re worried that they will, contact a commercial electrical Perth specialist to conduct an electrical safety check of your business, and also keep on top of your electrical maintenance with a Perth electrical contractor.

blackout at work

What to do in a workplace power outage

So, you’ve been hit with an unexpected, frustrating power outage at work.

Rather than panic, take these steps instead:

Access your emergency supply kit, nothing fancy, just a torch with spare (working) batteries, power banks and portable batteries for your crucial commercial working devices.

An easily accessible emergency supply kit on hand will help you get through a prolonged workplace blackout.

Candles are also an option but remember to exercise caution when using them. Keep candles away from loose paper, tablecloths and tissue boxes, and essentially anything flammable.

When the power regenerates, don’t worry, it likely will do, it’s worth contacting your commercial electrician Perth team to seek further electrical safety and optimised measures in your workplace.

What not to do in a workplace power outage

In a power outage, some of us try and play the hero and solve the issue ourselves, while others continue trying to work as normal. These are prime examples of what not to do.

While you sit tight and utilise your emergency supply kit, don’t attempt to do the following:

  • Don’t leave appliances plugged in. Instead, try and turn everything off, to protect from a sudden power surge. Switch off computers and gadgets.
  • Don’t open the fridge. Fridges are fully insulated, meaning the cold will stay cold if the fridge door isn’t opened.

As stated above, don’t panic, play the hero or attempt to continue working as normal.

A commercial electrician in Perth should really be the only team trusted with installing, maintaining, repairing and checking your commercial electrical systems.

A commercial electrician Perth team of contractors you can always rely on is Wacomm.


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