The importance of lighting design in your new commercial fit out

Jan 10, 2022

 Are you taking over a new lease as your businesses new premises? Or perhaps you’re starting a brand new business from scratch?

While you figure out all the incomings and outgoings that’s initially needed for staffing, bills and equipment, we bet there’s one thing you haven’t fully considered – the importance of lighting design.

Lighting isn’t only a functional requirement for buildings, it has a lot to answer for when it comes to employee health.

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Why proper lighting design is important


Good lighting can really make a difference. In the home, you can experience tranquillity, relaxation and mood lighting. In a commercial premises however, you should want and expect lighting that increases employee productivity, as well as sheds a positive light on customer impressions.

Keep reading as we look into the lights most appreciated in commercial settings.


3 lighting highlights for your office


There are three types of lighting that are well-regarded in offices and other workplace premises. These are natural lighting, lamps/dimmer lighting and blue lights.

  1. Natural lighting

Often a buzzword in well-designed homes, natural lighting is just as crucial in commercial settings, too. If you don’t know already, natural light has been proven to have a remarkably positive effect on workers in any capacity. So, consider adding sky lights to your workplace, and windows where the sun shines through optimally.

  1. Lamps/dimmer lighting

It’s envisaged that an average person will spend 90,000 hours of their life at work. Yikes! So, it’s important to make the workplace a comfortable, relaxed space. Surprisingly, this can be achieved with lamps and dimmer lighting which can help employees feel at ease and enables greater creativity in some studies.

  1. Blue lighting

Blue light has a poor reputation for damaging eyes. A recent European study even found the effect of blue lights being greater than caffeine for mental stimulation.

It’s recommended, for employee health, to use blue lights in the morning hours, before switching to softer lighting in the afternoon.


Plan, install and experience the difference


When you work with lights, you need to know where they would best be located. This includes where areas need to be well lit or highlighted with feature lights.

Shadows are something you definitely want to avoid in a workplace – particularly in warehouses, walkways with high traffic and medical settings.

This is why you need a Perth commercial electrician to help expertly design, install and enlighten your workplace.

Trust your workplace lighting and electrical optimisation to the Perth electrical contractors who know best – the team at Wacomm.


If your workplace lighting isn’t as optimised as you think it should be – it’s time to consult your Perth commercial electrician at Wacomm. We’ll help you enhance employee productively and wellbeing, and ensure the safety of your customers, too.

Our range of electrical optimisation services for Perth businesses are second to none.


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