When should you call a Commercial Electrician?

Feb 17, 2020

Doing things ourselves – it gives us satisfaction and confidence in our abilities. However, when it comes to potentially dangerous situations like electrical fire hazards, tripping circuits and power outages – then you should call commercial electricians in Perth to help.

Be safe, not stubborn and read more from electrical contractors in Perth, on when you should call a commercial electrician.

Why a commercial electrician?

A commercial premise, whether it be a hair salon, an accountancy firm, auto workshop, medical centre or more require circuits, transformers and complicated electrical systems to operate.

Want to know whether to call a commercial electrician for your electrical emergency?

The answer is easy – if the problem has occurred in a commercial building, it’s a commercial electrician you need. Residential electricians are just as great at their own job, but the electrical systems and training are very different between the two.

You wouldn’t send a human doctor to diagnose a dolphin, so, don’t send a residential electrician for a commercial electrician’s job. 

Commercial power outages

When lights flick off, computers go down, aircon goes off and electrical systems fail – you could panic, or you could call your trusted commercial electricians as soon as possible.

The electrical set-ups of commercial properties carry a greater electrical load, and training to solve complex commercial electrical set-ups.

Get the power back up and running with minimal downtime by calling reliable electrical contractors in Perth.

Commercial electrical fire hazards

A fire at work causes havoc. It’s scary, interrupts workflow, and needs to be extinguished quickly.

Unlike in a home, electrical fires in a commercial building can be caused by a multitude of reasons:

  • Faulty electrical equipment,
  • Problems in the building’s wiring,
  • Overloaded circuits,
  • Lighting problems,
  • Loose connections and many more.

That’s why you should call your professional electrical contractors in Perth to identify the cause and prevent electrical fires in the future.

Make the right choice, and fast!

We all (should) know how to put out a fire, but it’s a commercial electrician who can identify the cause and implement fire prevention strategies for the future.

Commercial safety switch tripping

A safety switch monitors the flow of electricity through a circuit, turns off the power if there’s a leakage of current is detected and provides personal protection from electric shocks.

There’s three main reasons behind a tripping safety switch:

  • There’s damaged wiring,
  • Faulty appliances or machines, or
  • Your safety switch is broken.

Like most electrical problems, a tripping safety switch needs action immediately.

Contact your commercial electrical contractors in Perth for repairs, maintenance and installation of safety switches in your building.

Electricity – it’s been around for less than 300 years, but where would we be without it?

In our homes, and our work – electricity makes life and business easier.

When power outages, electrical fires and safety switch trips occur, we need them fixed and fast. These are the times to call a commercial electrician in Perth, and when you should be smart about electrical hazards and safety.

Does your commercial site need electrical repairs or maintenance? Contact Wacomm, your trusted electrical contractors in Perth to ensure your electrical contracting needs.

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