Your Emergency Exit Lighting Requirements Explained

Jul 22, 2020

As a property owner and/or facility manager, it’s vital to know the legal requirements and best practices surrounding emergency exit lighting.

What is the purpose and use of emergency exit lighting?

What are your legal obligations in relation to installing and maintaining emergency exit lighting?

What commercial electrician in Perth should you trust for electrical compliance and exit lighting?

Today, Wacomm, your friendly and reliable team of Perth electrical contractors are outlining the emergency exit lighting requirements needed for electrical compliance.

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What is emergency exit lighting for buildings?

An emergency exit lighting system contains luminaires (a complete electrical light unit), including the commonly associated green exit signs.

Their function and purpose is to safely protect and guide the occupants or patrons of a building in the event of an (unlikely) emergency, where an evacuation is required.

There exists two types of emergency exit lighting:

  • Maintained

Where the lighting is continuously active, even during a power cut. Throughout regular operation, this system takes power from the mains supply, and in an emergency – from a back-up battery.

  • Non-maintained

Are specifically designed for emergency use, illuminating in the event of a mains power failure.

A non-maintained emergency lighting system is not on and activated on a regular basis.

 Not sure what emergency exit lighting you have or is best to install?

A commercial electrician Perth specialist can advise on and install the best emergency exit lighting system based on the use and size of your building.

Do I need emergency exit lightings in my building?

The regulations and requirements for emergency exit lightings are found in the Building Code of Australia. For more information, see the Standards Catalogue re emergency lightings in buildings.

Here are some good starting points:

  • What classification does the building fall under?
  • What is the size of the building?

Some buildings will never require emergency exit lighting, while others will always require it – this is based on the building classification. Also, any building over 300m2 requires emergency exit lighting.

Perth electrical contractors know the rules and regulations for emergency exit lighting and how other factors like location and lighting affect their necessity.

As a business owner and/or facility manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure emergency and exit lighting system compliance.

At Wacomm, it’s our responsibility to support you in electrical compliance, safety and peace of mind for building occupants and patrons.

Electrical compliance with a commercial electrician Perth team

The design, installation and maintenance of emergency exit lighting systems is a relatively straightforward process for commercial and public buildings.

Make the safe and legal choice, with careful and quality workmanship with a Perth commercial electrician from Wacomm.

For over 20 years, Wacomm have:

  • Serviced WA with the best electrical quality, expertise and service,
  •  Worked with numerous businesses, fostering valuable relationships, and
  • Completed numerous exit and emergency lighting testings.

Whether it’s inspections and testing, to full emergency exit and lighting installation – Wacomm are your team of highly experienced, electrical contractors in Perth to rely on.

Need help with emergency exit light installation or maintenance?

Contact Wacomm today for a commercial electrician in Perth to ensure your building is compliant, and you and your patrons remain safe in the event of an emergency.

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