4 Benefits of your Business having an Energy Efficiency Assessment

Nov 22, 2020

If you own a business, then you’re probably strategising ways to maximise efficiency in the workplace. This may involve motivating and retaining employees, gaining new leads and enquiries and maximising incomings while minimising overheads.

There exists another avenue you could explore though, and that’s monitoring and re-evaluating your businesses energy efficiency practices.

Many rewards can be reaped from identifying and implementing energy efficiency within the workplace. You just need to start with an energy efficiency from a commercial electrician in Perth.

Read more to find out how it works and how you benefit.


What is an energy efficiency assessment?


Simply put, an energy efficiency assessment reviews the energy usage of a business and provides easy-to-implement strategies to improve overall efficiency.

It’s relatively easy to conduct one yourself, but for the right advice and no cut corners, turn to professional electrical contractors in Perth to help.

What’s involved?

  • Checking past energy billing data for the past 12 months,
  • Checking the data for higher-energy-use processes,
  • Using metres to record energy usage on different days, weeks, months and/or seasons.

Comprehensive assessments call for enquiries into energy use vs production output and benchmarking performance to see how business units or processes are performing.

Let one of the best electrical companies in Perth show you 4 benefits your business could enjoy from a professional energy efficiency assessment.


  1. Reduces electricity costs


Reducing your businesses energy costs, and by such, your overheads is the most popular reason for an energy efficiency assessment.

Here’s how it all works:

  • Providing an increased potential for profitability and margins by expense cutting,
  • You’ll really see how your business is consuming energy, and
  • This is achieved by breaking down consumption to individual pieces of equipment, exploring workplace design and employee habits.

Some examples of improving energy efficiency in the workplace include optimised office design and layout, installing skylight windows, programmable thermostats, solar hot water heaters and motion sensing light switches.


  1. Improves employee productivity


Did you know working in a clean, energy efficient building could boost staff productivity?

Who’d have thought!

This could be anything from temperature regulation, air quality and optimised office lighting.


  1. Increases environmentally friendly status


The valuable insights from an energy efficiency assessment will very well help you on the path to becoming a greener, environmentally conscious business.

The simple changes you can implement include:

  • Using solar powered hot water to minimise your gas and electricity bill, and
  • Going paperless.

Many consumers are becoming more and more environmentally conscious, so it’s a wise move, for your business and for the planet, to become more sustainable and less reliant on natural resources.


  1. Increases the market value of the building


An energy efficiency assessment could lead to strategies that crease the value of your office building in the future.

If you decide to sell or lease out, you could attract a higher selling price or rental yield and lower vacancy rates.

An energy efficiency assessment is a sound business move so get one today with a Perth commercial electrician.


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