Thermographic Surveys

What is a Thermographic Survey:

A Thermographic Survey is when an Infrared Camera is used to scan over an electrical switchboard or equipment to identify any hot spots or components with an unbalanced load or abnormal surface temperature.

Why Thermograph:

Carrying out a Thermographic Survey of your sites electrical switchboards is essential maintenance that will reduce the risk of catastrophic equipment failure, damage to infrastructure or loss of life before a major fault arises.

Thermographic Surveys are carried out under normal operating conditions to ensure that your electrical systems are tested when your system is under load. This means that Thermographic Testing is non-intrusive works that will have no disruptions to your business operations.

Within a commercial or industrial environment, many insurance companies now insist on carrying out Thermographic Surveys to ensure that your electrical infrastructure poses no major risks.

If an incident was to occur, and you had not carried out Thermographic Testing to your site, your insurance company may not accept your claim and may also be investigated by WorkSafe WA for not providing a Safe System of work.


Thermography used to be expensive, difficult and primarily used by the military and large industrial facilities. These days, it has become much more affordable and more broadly applied, especially to the electrical infrastructures of commercial properties.

How Often should I carry out Thermographic Testing:

Wacomm recommend carrying out a Thermographic Survey of your site on an annual basis as a minimum.

Obiviously the electrical infrastructure of one site may vary quite extensively from the next, therefore sites with a much larger electrical infrastructure, running at higher loads may require more regular testing.

If you would like Wacomm to attend your site to determine the best testing interval for your requirements, please call us today.

Need to get a Thermographic Survey?