Determining Faulty Electrical Wiring and How to Resolve the Issue

Aug 30, 2022

Faulty wiring is one of the most common causes of commercial electrical fires in Perth.


Therefore, issues with your wiring should never be taken lightly. The good news is that there are several indicators that your wiring is defective.


What Are the Electrical Risks? 


Electric risks include the possibility of electric shock, death or injury that is directly or indirectly caused by electricity. The most common commercial electrical service risks and causes of injury are:

  • Electric shock causing injury and death are the most prevalent electrical risks.Direct or indirect contact, tracking through, across, or by arcing can all be used to receive the electric shock. Indirect contact, whereby a conductive component that isn’t normally energised becomes energised by fault (e.g., Metal toaster body, fence)
  • arcing or explosion, fire causing burns.These injuries often result from high fault currents
  • electric shock from step-and -touch potentials
  • The release or arcing caused by electrical equipment can cause various gases to be released.
  • Fire from electrical fault


Signs That Indicate a Possible Fault in Electrical Wiring


Constantly Tripping Circuit Breakers


A circuit breaker can trip from time to time. This is because it is designed to shut off the system if it is overloaded. You can simply turn it back on and go about your daily tasks. If your circuit breaker is constantly tripping (on multiple occasions per month), this could be an indication that your electrical wiring is defective.


Flickering or Dimming of Lights


Dimming or flickering lights are usually not caused by the fixture itself. Light fixtures draw very little power, so dimming and flickering are rare. It is more likely that the problem is caused by energy hogs such as space heaters or major appliances, which are all wired to the same circuit. Appliances that heat or cool draw a lot of power. A washing machine could draw current to heat water, causing dimming. Talk to a WACOMM Electrical Services, Perth commercial electrician about switching lights between circuits and installing dedicated lines for major appliances.


Socket Discoloration


Check out the outlets scattered around the area. Commercial electrical service problems can be identified by unusual colours, scorching, heat, or other indications of combustion. These signs may indicate that the outlet’s wiring has reached unsafe temperatures or that the outlet’s faceplate is distorted.

Hot electrical wiring can be dangerous. It is not surprising. It’s normal for wiring heat to occur over time. However, it should not become too hot to cause damage or discomfort to the outlet plate. If this happens, you should immediately remove the outlet and inspect the area to find the cause. To ensure your safety, you can also contact professionals, like WACOMM Electrical Services, for safety.


Unravelled or Worn-Looking Wiring


Damaged wiring can cause serious fire hazards or lead to electrical shock. It is important to contact a commercial electrician in Perth if you suspect that your wiring has been damaged by pets, rodents, or other human activity.


Hot Outlets or Switch Plates


A switch plate may feel slightly warm when it is powered by electric current. If the outlet becomes unbearably hot, unplug the device and plug it into another outlet. The wiring may not be correct if the outlet gets hot even with nothing plugged in. Talk to a Perth commercial electrician about flipping the breaker or removing the fuse from the outlet until you can have your system serviced.




What does electricity sound like? Nothing, if everything is working correctly. The electricity flows between the connections smoothly and quietly. However, loose wire, outlets, or fraying wire could cause electricity to jump and produce a buzzing sound. You should immediately stop using an outlet if you suspect that the sound is coming from it.


Unpleasant Odours


Having strange odours could indicate that you have electrical problems. The most common smell is burning. It is important to investigate this matter immediately and get it resolved. After all, the most dangerous hazard associated with wiring issues is commercial electrical fires.


H2: Who Is Responsible for Managing Electrical Risks?


The WHS Act gives a person who runs a business or undertaking the primary duty to ensure that employees and others at work are safe from electrical hazards. This duty includes eliminating all electrical risks, or, if it is not reasonable, minimising them as much as possible.


Specific Hazards and Risk Control


You can take a variety of steps to reduce the risk to your safety and health at work from electrical risks.

  • Make sure power circuits are protected using the correct rated fuse or circuit breaker to avoid overloading. Don’t increase the fuse rating if the circuit keeps overloading. This creates a fire danger due to overheating.
  • Arrange the electrical leads so that they don’t get damaged. To prevent leads from being tripped over, place them on a lead stand or use insulated cable hangers. To protect cables in many heavy industries, cable protection ramps can be used.
  • If you don’t have the right tools or leads for your situation, they should be avoided
  • Make sure that circuits that allow portable electrical equipment to be connected are protected with appropriate RCDs (as required under the WHS Regulations). These must be tested and maintained.
  • If circuit breakers, RCDs or other over-current protective devices such as fuses, are activated, make sure that circuits are not reenergized until the reason is established by a competent individual.
  • Regular testing will ensure RCDs remain effective.


How Do You Solve Faulty Electrical Wiring Problems?


If you’ve done all the checks and still have any warning signs, it’s important to not try to fix it yourself. A qualified and skilled electrician, like one from WACOMM Electrical Services, to inspect and make recommendations about the wiring in your house. You may inflict injury or further damage if the problem is not fixed professionally. Contact us today.

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