Does Second Hand Equipment Need Testing and Tagging Before Sale in Australia?

Jul 11, 2022

Any person or business owner selling or supplying used or second hand electrical appliances must make certain potential buyers of the appliances are aware of certain regulations that pertain to your sale process.

These include:

  • An individual  supplying or offering to supply second-hand electrical equipment must attach a label to the equipment stating that it is second-hand.


  • A business, including major charitable organisations, supplying or offering to supply second-hand electrical equipment must also attach a label stating that the equipment is second-hand and has been inspected and tested, and is compliant with Australian/New Zealand Standard(AS/NZS) 3760.


  • If it has not been tested, the business supplying or offering to supply second-hand electrical equipment must include a clear statement on the label stating the equipment is second-hand, with additional words as follows: DANGER – DO NOT USE OR CONNECT TO SUPPLY – THIS SECOND-HAND ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT MAY BE FAULTY AND SHOULD BE INSPECTED AND TESTED BY A COMPETENT PERSON IN ACCORDANCE WITH AS/NZS 3760.


How can WACOMM help you?


  • Ensure personal and equipment safety to you and your workplace
  • All of your testing requirements, knowing they are completed by licensed, qualified professionals.
  • Manage current certificates of conformity and registration if required.
  • Identify potential electrical hazards, this includes malfunctioning equipment.
  • Ensure you are up-to-date with your safety plans, without the hassle. We organise the schedules, and it’s left in our capable and experienced hands.
  • Management replacements efficiently, no hassle, we make the process seamless and easy.


Why do you need to test and tag your second hand equipment?


Not only does this constitute a duty of care, it is a regulatory requirement that ensures workplace safety.

If you do not comply with the electrical specification, you risk your company being found negligible and liable completely for a workplace accident. Your insurance may refuse your claim or potentially cancel your account.


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