Electrical Safety Tips: Advice from Emergency Electricians

Oct 17, 2022

Best Practices for Electrical Safety in the Workplace.


Most modern conveniences are powered by electricity, which makes it easier to live a comfortable and productive life. Electricity is so powerful that it can cause as much harm as it can help. An unmanaged electrical system can lead to fires, property damage, injury, and even death. Proper electrical safety maintenance is essential for every home and workplace.

Being a commercial electrician can be a dangerous job. Only trained and certified technicians are permitted to supervise it. An experienced technician will be able to recognise the importance of following the law regarding electrical safety.

Also, it is important that your technicians or electricians are properly trained and certified by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). A RTO would provide comprehensive knowledge regarding electrical safety standards. They will be given skills and training to help them protect themselves on the job. This not only prevents injuries but also has the potential to save lives.


Here Are Some Best Practices for Electrical Safety in the Workplace


Keep Up to Date with Australia’s Electrical Safety Codes


The WA Energy Legislation enforces electrical safety. Its purpose is to prevent electrical accidents from causing property damage, deaths, and injuries. It establishes the legal framework, rules, regulations, and systems that are necessary to improve electrical safety. Commercial electricians must also adhere to other electrical standards and regulations at both the local and national levels. It is constantly changing as the industry evolves.


Wear Compliance Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


When working with electricity, commercial electricians must wear protective clothing such as gloves, insulating pads, hats, and face shields. You could catch fire or get an electrical shock if your clothing isn’t right.


Improve Emergency Response Skills and Risk Assessment


Every Perth electrical contractor should know CPR and low voltage rescue procedures. It’s a technique that allows you to respond to electrically hazardous situations. They need to be able to rescue and revive someone who has been hooked up to electrical power safely and with minimum risk to themselves.


Avoid Using Water When Working with Electricity


Water is a conductor. Electrical contractors in Perth know that it is best to not mix electricity and water. The chance of having an accident can be increased by exposing electricity even to the smallest amount. You should never touch live electric wires if you have wet hands or are standing on wet floors.


Always Work in Pairs


It is best to partner with someone when you are working on potentially dangerous projects. This not only expedites the process but also ensures the worker’s safety in the field. This ensures that the other person can administer first aid and seek assistance in the event of an accident.


Install RCDs


Residual Current Devices (RCDs) are an electrical safety device that protects people from electric shock when they touch live wires. These devices are also called safety switches.

WHS Regulations require that RCDs be installed to reduce the risk of electric shocks in the event of an accident. They should not only be installed but also be regularly inspected, tested, and maintained.


Maintenance: Inspecting and Testing and Tagging


To ensure top-notch performance, electrical equipment must always be in good condition. This includes inspecting leads and other electrical equipment visually for any damage like fraying, plug damage, cuts, visible wire colour, burn marks, and so forth.

This prevents electrical hazards from happening and ensures that faults are corrected before they cause an accident. It is important to check the earthing regularly to make sure it functions properly. Remember that qualified electrical contractors in Perth should perform maintenance and repairs.


Overhead Power Lines


Warning signs should be posted if your building is susceptible to interfacing with overhead power lines. It is also important to have procedures in place for when it is necessary to ensure that overhead power lines are kept at a minimum distance from regular people, network operators, and accredited people.


Be Cautious and Use Common Sense


All electricians have been trained to assume all wires and conductors are live. They should be aware of the importance of reporting any electrical damage promptly. They should be able to clean up their surroundings, particularly at work. They can prevent, or reduce, the chances of accidents and electrical shocks at their workplace by following these simple steps.

This may seem like too much for an average person. For a responsible electrician, however, these tips are second nature. Respecting the rules and regulations will help keep them and others safe. Electricity is a powerful and serious force and should be left to the professionals.

WACOMM prioritises electrical safety. So, to boost the safety of your workplace and to manage all electrical incidents at the earliest, it is best to seek professional advice in electrical matters from our expert team. If you need electrical contractors in Perth, get in touch today.

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