How a Commercial Energy Audit Can Benefit Your Business

Jun 13, 2022

As a Perth business, have you considered all your avenues to maximise success? Have you looked at monitoring and re-evaluating your energy efficiency practices? 

It can save you heaps on costs and not to mention, lower your overheads. The lesser known benefits of an energy efficient business include driving employee productivity. Today, we outline commercial energy efficiency, completing an assessment and what it may mean for your business in Perth. 


What is an energy efficiency assessment? 


An energy efficiency assessment is designed to review your business’s energy usage and provide strategies to improve efficiency. It could end up saving your business money, boosting productivity in your workplace, and offering you opportunities for innovation. 


What does an energy efficient audit or assessment entail? 


From checking past energy billing data, to reviewing the data for higher-energy-use processes – an energy efficiency assessment is very comprehensive and all encompassing. A comprehensive assessment could delve into metrics like energy use versus production output, along with covering benchmarking performance to check how processes or business units are performing. Once you put strategies into place, your expert can continue tracking your progress and record improvements.


So, how can an energy efficiency assessment help your business to succeed?



Reducing your electricity costs and, of course, your business overheads, is the most prominent reason businesses complete an energy efficiency audit. This assessment can provide you with nuanced strategies for large savings on your electricity bill. 



 Did you think that your energy usage could have a direct correlation to your employee productivity? Yes! Clean, efficient buildings can boost staff productivity. With the insights that you will obtain from your energy efficiency assessment, you can create a cleaner and healthier working space to support higher productivity in your employees. 



 It only makes sense in 2022 to go green. Countless Perth businesses are making green switches, and an energy audit is the perfect stepping stone to make the right moves. Leverage valuable insights for creating an environmentally friendly business. In turn, this can allow your business to dramatically reduce its impact on the environment and preserve natural resources. Simple changes like using solar hot water systems minimise your gas or electricity bill. 



You can increase the market value of your office building. If your business owns the premises, you could obtain a higher market value if you decide to sell. This could be because your tenants will have lower operating costs, with associated benefits like sustainability credentials, sustainability, better quality workspaces, and higher team productivity as well.


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