How to Achieve Energy Efficiency in the Office in 4 Easy Steps

Feb 15, 2021

Any smart and savvy business owner is constantly looking for ways to save money, enhance efficiency and do so without any cut corners.

There’s actually a few small, but sure changes you can make in and around the workplace to lower your commercial electricity bill.

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Keep cool and collected around the kettle

A nice hot cup of coffee (or tea) made in the office kitchen gets most of us through the workday.

However, I bet you didn’t know our workplace kettle boiling habits add up, now did you?

If everyone makes only themselves a hot drink, not only could it be bad manners to not ask your co-workers, but it can add up to a surprising amount of wasted electricity.

What’s the solution?

Employees should take turns making everyone (who wants one) a hot drink. It encourages a friendly and inclusive office environment and saves money and energy over time.


Switch computers off at the source

Computers left running overnight, or unnecessarily throughout the day is one of the most common energy drains in the workplace.

Energy efficiency should be paramount in the workplace and a principle and practice that all employees uphold.

What’s the solution?

Encouraging everyone to put their computers in hibernation mode between active use and complete shut down at the end of the working day.


Utilise energy efficient lighting

At the beginning of the workday, it’s all lights camera, and action! Well, there should be lights and action being made…not sure about the camera. Businesses can easily lower their electricity bills and up the ante on energy efficiency with energy efficient light bulbs.

What’s the solution?

Contact your trusted commercial electrician to arrange the installation of lower wattage, or even LED light bulbs in the workplace.

A commercial electrician is here to help you maximise electrical efficiency in the workplace, which could indirectly enhance workplace productivity. Score!


Regulate office temperature

There’s nothing worse than being too hot, or too cold at home, or in the office. Feeling too hot or too cold really does affect our willingness to work, so it’s important for business owners to maintain comfortable office temperatures.

What’s the solution?

Reducing reliance on air conditioning

Purchasing a programmable thermostat to regulate the temperature and keep it at a comfortable 20-23 degrees Celsius.

You can discover more ways to optimise your workplace for electrical and energy efficiency with the help of your trusted commercial electrical contractor team.


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