How to Choose the Best Exterior Lights for Your Property

Nov 11, 2020

If you’re wanting to sell or even just refresh your home, one of the ways you can easily do so is with fitting new exterior lighting.

More than just functional at night-time, the right exterior lights are effortlessly alluring and makes you feel at ease in your home.

Want to know how to choose the best exterior lights for your home?

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Why new exterior light fixtures?

There’s many benefits to adding new or replacing old exterior light fixtures.

Here’s some of them:

  • Exterior lights enlighten (literally!) your outdoor area,
  • Boost curb appeal,
  • Add warmness and a homely feel for residents and guests alike, and
  • Don’t forget their functionality! Sensor lights are great for security and being able to see when you come home at night.

Now that you know why you need exterior lighting, let’s see what you need to know to choose the best ones for you.


You will need to find that sweet spot between a light (or lights) that illuminate a generous portion of your outdoor space, but not dominate the entire outdoor façade.

For instance, large outdoor lights may look out of place and may make your house look smaller.

Size also depends on the location, here’s how:

  • Driveways and side yards may look better with a larger light to lead the way, whereas
  • Exterior lights flanking your front door will probably be best as smaller, ornate options.

Got the size in mind? Great! Yet there’s more aspects to consider.


Colour and style


Exterior light features are not just a functional necessity, but an aesthetic adder.

Here’s how:

  • If you have brass fixtures and doorknobs, choose lights with similar qualities,
  • Modern your motto? Go for contemporary, matte black finishes and clean, straight lines,
  • Traditional your taste? Think lanterns and classic, curved collections.

Consistency is key in your outdoor as much as indoor colour scheme. Last on our list is illumination.


How will you be able to brighten up your outdoor space without it being overbearing? That’s what you’ll need to consider, and it’s mostly got to do with placement and purpose.

  • For side yards and driveways, often brighter bulbs are utilised to maximise illumination for walking around and pulling up and out and night.
  • Porch, front door and back deck lights are often warmer, dimmer lights to create a comfortable and cosy atmosphere.
  • As with new regulations, long-lasting LED bulbs are recommended for all outdoor light fittings.

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