Is Your Office Lighting Impacting Employee Productivity & Mood?

Jun 19, 2020

A workplace environment can make or break the mood and productivity of workers. Not surprisingly, clean working spaces with good-quality desks, comfortable seats and employee morale may improve employee productivity and mood.

Yet, did you know office lighting could also be affecting staff productivity and mood?

Is your current office lighting affecting your staff negatively or positively?

Read more from Wacomm to see how a commercial electrician in Perth can boost your employee productivity with electrical and lighting optimisation.

Does office lighting really impact staff wellbeing?

Yes! Artificial lighting and natural daylight affects humans on three levels:

  • Visually,
  • Emotionally, and
  • Biologically.

Optimised lighting has been said to decrease depression, improve energy, mood, alertness and productivity.

‘Mood lighting’ may be great for downtime in the home, but it sure doesn’t help in a fast-paced office environment that requires a lot of reading and working on computer screens. Likewise, dim, dirty and flickering lightbulbs aren’t helping your employee morale and productivity in the slightest.

This means the importance of lighting in the office shouldn’t be dismissed, but rather, evaluated and optimised regularly.

What employees want from office lighting

According to an ECD (Electrical+Comms+Data) survey, 56% of respondents would like better workplace lighting. Also discovered was 90% of people believed lighting influenced their mood, 87% said it affected their performance and 92% stated it influenced their vigilance in the workplace.

What does this mean? Many workers, office, industrial and other environments want better lighting.

Here’s what survey respondents suggested, and something to consider in your workplace:

  • Brightness adaptability,
  • Easy-to-use interfaces,
  • Integrating daylight when and where possible, and
  • Personalised lighting for aged and tired eyes.

Employers and employees alike want their working space to enhance productivity and foster positive workplace morale.

To get the job done, done well and done by workers in a great and productive mood is how we all want our workplaces to flow.

Lighting optimisation with a Perth commercial electrician

With the ban on halogen lights in 2020, LED lights are now leading the way in ‘clever lighting.’

Commercial electricians in Perth can offer an abundance of lighting options, like:

  • Cool white light (contains more blue light and appears ‘neon’), best for bright rooms,
  • Warm white (appears yellowish), best for darker rooms,
  • Clever lighting design, and
  • Cost-efficient and worker controllable settings.

Lighting gone bust completely? An emergency commercial electrician in Perth can not only repair but optimise your lighting to suit worker preferences.

Your employees will thank you for considering their wellbeing and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the productivity boost something as simple as lighting will bring.

Lighting affects the mood, productivity and wellbeing of humans. It’s time to do yourself and your valued employees a favour and optimise workplace lighting with clever design, efficient installation and easy-to-use controls.

Trust in electrical contractors in Perth to provide high-quality lighting solutions and emergency commercial electrician services when needed.

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