Moving Offices? Here’s How a Commercial Electrician Can Help

Mar 19, 2021

Moving offices isn’t always a fun time. There’s lots of planning to sort out, boxes to pack up and then unpack at the new location (and that’s just the half of it).

With all the chaos and confusion that may come with moving offices, it’s very worth enlisting the help of a professional to make the transition smoother.

That professional, is a commercial electrician.

So, how exactly can a Perth commercial electrician help you when moving offices?

Read more from the team at Wacomm to find out.


Assistance with due diligence when moving in

Some business owners will find that they have to completely strip out the existing electrical systems and invest in a new, more personalised fit-out before completely opening up.

This may be avoided though by enlisting the help of a Perth commercial electrician to perform due diligence.

What’s this?

  • Due diligence is defined as undertaking reasonable steps by an individual or entity to avoid committing a tort or offence.
  • In other words, it’s a comprehensive assessment undertaken by a prospective buyer to establish assets, liabilities and commercial potential.

What can a Perth commercial electrician do?

  • Review past inspection logs of electrical tests previously completed on the building.
  • Determine any pre-existing issues and provide evaluations and suggestions of potential repair costs or overhaul of the entire electrical system.
  • Complete emergency lights inspections and regular maintenance checks as part of general commercial electrician checks.

Before moving into a new office, it’s beneficial (and actually required by law) to perform due diligence and prevent costly mistakes related to the state of the electrical system in the new office.


Keep your employees, self and customers safe

Due diligence with a commercial electrician will determine liabilities and commercial potential.

A commercial electrical contractor in Perth will also greatly help in keeping your employees, self and customers safe, in the moving process and in the long-term.


  • Through identification and fixing of damaged sockets,
  • Trip hazards,
  • Damaged electrical cords,
  • Electrical fires,
  • Faulty wiring and other potential electrical hazards.

Safety inspections with a Perth commercial electrician will ensure peace of mind in the safety of, employees, yourself and customers.


Minimised downtime, maximised efficiency

Moving offices can really up downtime. However, this often comes down to poor planning.

Hiring a Perth commercial electrician actually minimises downtime and maximises efficiency.


  • By installing and maintaining electrical systems that will ensure your business will continue as usual.
  • These such systems from a professional electrical contractor will minimise wasted time and money.

Keep everything to schedule with a Perth commercial electrician.


Only quality electrical work

To ensure a smoother transition, you want to make sure you’re hiring not just any electrician, but a Perth commercial electrician.

At Wacomm, we have only the best-quality, highly experienced, commercial electrical contractors available. This means we have the specific skillset, tools and experience to carry out quality electrical work at commercial and industrial premises.

Wacomm have proudly and successfully completed electrical work at:

  • Major Perth shopping centres
  • Distribution centres
  • Retail spaces
  • Offices and warehouses.

Moving offices? Trust in Wacomm to help make the move safer, smoother and more efficient.


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