The Cost Of Upgrading Your Switchboard

Aug 18, 2022

If you are experiencing flickering lights, blowing of fuses or are circuit trip, check your switchboard.

A home’s switchboard is the first place to look if you are having electrical woes. 

Being such an imperative part of your home’s electrical system, it makes sense that it may be time to consider upgrading your switchboard (if it is outdated). 


Firstly, what is a switchboard? 


Your switchboard is the unit that distributes electricity throughout your Perth home. What happens is, the main electricity that comes from the street, will filter through the fuse box. It then gets directed to the switchboard, which then distributes the electricity to various places around your home.

Modern-day switchboards are designed to handle heavy usage. If you need to wait to boil your water while your toast is heating up, then you probably need to upgrade your switchboard. 

These days, a switchboard has a safety switch, which shuts down the board if it’s overloaded.  Without a safety switch, your home could be at risk of a fire hazard. Even though safety switches are required by law, a lot of older homes do not have them. This begs the need for a Perth electrician, like WACOMM, to come and perform a switchboard upgrade for you. 


Why are switchboards important? 


They distribute electricity throughout homes and other buildings by safely dividing the main electrical power feed into smaller components, known as branch circuits.


What are the costs associated with upgrading your switchboard?


The pricing is dependent on its size and capacity. You can expect to pay between $800 to $1500 for the entire process. While some materials are more expensive than other brands, you don’t want to to forgo quality.


What is an electrical safety switch?


Electrical safety switches are devices that detect a change in the circuit and shut off the power supply in as quick as 0.3 seconds. They work by interrupting a circuit to help prevent a person from experiencing an electric shock.  Although it’s the circuit breakers and fuses that protect your home against short circuits and power overloads, the safety switches are the only devices that protect the people in your home from receiving a nasty electric shock. We go into depth about this in our recent article. 


Speak to WACOMM for your switchboard upgrade


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