The Electrical Dangers Of Old Buildings

Sep 13, 2022

Can this building’s old wiring start a fire?


We often hear this question, and the scary answer is yes, it can. Electrical fires are a big worry when it comes to old homes and commercial buildings. When it comes to your home or office’s electrical systems, you should have the wiring checked to make sure it’s not too old. At WACOMM, we can help with this. 

In today’s article we are exploring the electrical dangers of old buildings to provide you with a glimpse on why you need to consider calling our team if this paints a familiar picture. 


 Older buildings often have electrical problems

Many electrical problems can happen in older buildings, whether you live in an older house or work in an older commercial building. Depending on how old your system is, you may need to replace some parts to make it works better and, more importantly, keeps you safe.


What are some electrical problems that often happen in old buildings?

 Even though we can list some of the most common electrical problems in old buildings here, having a licensed electrician check your home or building is important to ensure everything is working right. Some of the most common electrical problems in old buildings are:


  •  Bad wires and cables

Even after many years, many old wiring systems can still work, but they can also pose safety risks. An electrician in Perth must replace the wires before they hurt someone or start an electrical fire. This is especially true if the insulation around the cables is getting worn down.


  •  Insufficient electrical loads

The world has become much more dependent on technology over the years, and this trend will only continue. Because of this, many old buildings have electrical circuits that can’t handle the load of modern electrical devices. Putting too much on your old circuits can cause big problems. Before anything bad can happen, you should have a qualified electrician check out your building.


  • Wiring with knobs and tubes

Knob and tube wiring is an old way of wiring often found in historic homes and other old buildings. This ancient system has copper wires that run through your walls and ceilings and are held up by knob insulators along their length. Because this wiring only has one layer of insulation, it can easily be broken or become dangerous as it ages and frays. If it is found, it needs to be replaced because if left alone, it is a fire and safety risk.


  • Badly changed wiring

These days, qualified electricians in Perth and strict rules govern the regulations around installing electrical wiring. However, this wasn’t always the case. Unfortunately, years of DIY electrical work have hurt the health of the wiring in many older homes and buildings. Too often, we find wiring that has been changed by people who didn’t know much about electricity or were trying to fix something quickly. The older your building is, the more likely the wiring and connections are broken or were not done well.


  • Old electrical parts

Another common problem in older buildings is that the electrical parts are very old and must be replaced. Old light fixtures can have loose wiring and lights that flicker. Older outlets usually don’t have a place for a ground wire. Furthermore, breakers that are no longer made will need to be replaced with a more modern counterpart.


“How can I tell if my older building has an electrical problem?”

Many of these electrical problems will appear as lights that flicker, a burning smell, or fuses that blow. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of electrical issues that won’t show up until they do permanent damage to your systems or, even worse, start an electrical fire. Before you live or work in an older building, have it checked by a qualified electrician in Perth to ensure that all of the electrical systems work well. 

We invite you to get in touch with WACOMM today for a preventative maintenance check of your wiring systems. We look forward to providing you with a free quote and clear steps forward. You can ask us about our installation services too. 


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