What is the Difference between Commercial & Industrial Electricians?

Oct 15, 2020

Electricians install, solve and handle all things to do with electricity. Yet just like many professionals, there’s differences in the qualification’s they hold, from electrician to electrician.

A commercial electrician Perth professional will differ in what they can and can’t do as opposed to an industrial electrician Perth contractor.

That’s why you need to have a summary of what they do, to know who to call for installation, maintenance or electrical emergencies at your location.

So, what’s the difference between commercial and industrial electricians?

Read more from Wacomm, Perth electrical contractors to find out.

Understanding what a commercial electrician can do

When it comes to what a commercial electrician Perth contractor can do, it’s essentially in the name.

“Commercial” refers to businesses and/or public facilities, which means a commercial electrician can provide electrical installations, maintenance, test and repairs to:

  • Stand-alone offices and office buildings,
  • Retail outlets and shopping centres,
  • Hospitals and schools,
  • Restaurants, cafes and so forth.

Not sure if your location fits the requirements of a commercial electrician? It’s worth contacting a commercial electrician Perth team, like Wacomm, to find out.

What can a commercial electrician Perth company do for me?

A commercial electrician is responsible for wiring (and/or rewiring) essential instruments that control and provide:

  • Electrical power,
  • Lighting,
  • Heating, air conditioning and refrigeration units in commercial premises

Look for a commercial electrician Perth company that specialises in the services you need.

This could be anything from data and voice solutions, communications and security, energy efficient options and/or testing and tagging. Wacomm have the commercial electrician services you require.

Understanding what an industrial electrician can do

Similar to the above, what an industrial electrician Perth contractor can do, is again, in the name.

For example, industrial electricians are trained and qualified to install, maintain and repair electrical systems in and for:

  • Manufacturing and production facilities,
  • Power plants, and any other large-scale facility, project or business.

The role of an industrial electrician Perth contractor is crucial, as it enables and ensures the safety and efficiency of large and often complex electrical systems on site.

These include anything from industrial motors and fans to important, electrical control systems.

Right from the facility or project construction phase to install and test new electrical equipment, to regular electrical maintenance to curb any areas of concern, an industrial electrician Perth team is who to rely on.

A commercial electrician Perth and industrial electrician Perth under one roof

When you identify the different requirements of your location, you’ll know who to make the call for everything electrical installation, repairs, test and tag to emergencies.

Thankfully, Wacomm have a team of highly qualified, experienced and reliable commercial electricians AND industrial electricians to service your electrical needs.

If you’re in a large-scale manufacturing facility, you’ll need an industrial electrician.

If you’re in an office in the heart of the Perth CBD, a commercial electrician is your go to.

Wacomm are ready to help you with all your Perth electrical contracting needs.

Need a commercial or industrial electrician Perth?

Contact Wacomm today for the experience, service and solutions of our wide range of Perth electrician services.

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