What you need to know about the ban on halogen lightbulbs in 2020

Jan 24, 2020

Halogen lightbulbs have been a source of light to many Perth households and businesses for years – but that’s all about to change.

September 2020 is the cut-off-date for the ban on halogen lightbulbs nationwide.

Luckily, many consumers and businesses have already made the switch to LED lighting products, with the assistance of electrical contractors in Perth.

Read on to learn more about the 2020 halogen ban, and why and how consumers can make the switch to LED lighting.

Halogen versus LED

An Australia-wide ban on a product is not something taken lightly and is rolled-out based on the benefits to the nation. For example, R22 (an ozone depleting substance), microbeads, plastic shopping bags and iridescent lighting have already, or are in the process of being phased out.

These are the reasons halogen lightbulbs are being phased out:

  • They’re hot to touch due to the halogen gas sealed inside,
  • Have been linked to fires,
  • Are expensive to run,
  • Harmful to the environment, and
  • Not energy efficient compared to alternatives like LED lighting.

To put it frankly, we only ever used halogen lightbulbs because they looked good!

LED lamps last, on average, 15 times longer than halogen lamps.

Not only this, but LED lighting products consume only one quarter of the energy when producing the same amount of light output. The switch from halogen to LED is estimated to save Australian consumers more than 1.5 billion over the next 10 years.

Switching off and switching on again

It’s expected that Australian businesses will phase out halogen lights before the September 2020 cut-off-date. As the bulbs are manufactured overseas and imported to Australia, the depletion of current stock will force businesses to look for alternative solutions.

It’s important to note that there remain some exemptions to this phase-out where LED products are not yet suitable, like:

  • High temperature ovens, and
  • Theatrical lighting.

If you’re needing help with making the switch to LED lighting, Perth electrical contractors and commercial electricians are who you need to call.

But with many commercial electricians in Perth, how do you know who to use?

 Perth electrical contractors

Wacomm are your trusted electrical contractors in Perth.

With over 2020 years of service to W.A. we strive for professional, friendly service in commercial electric and communications installation and maintenance.

For your personal and business energy consumption and positive environmental impact, remember to phase-out halogen lights by, but preferably before, September.

Don’t hesitate to contact Wacomm if you need help with the 2020 switchover, installation and maintenance.

The Australian Government has put a promise to ensure the security, affordability and sustainability of the electricity market. Achieving a lower emissions future means it’s out with the old halogen lightbulbs, and in with LED lighting.

For a brighter future, it’s time to make the switch to an energy-efficient lighting alternative.

To get your commercial electric installation and maintenance done as efficiently, choose Wacomm’s team of electrical contractors in Perth.

Want to know more about switching to LED lighting? Contact commercial electricians, Wacomm in Forrestdale today for all your Perth electrical contracting needs.





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