Why your business needs an electrical safety check

Jun 30, 2021

There’s enough electrical energy surging through your workplace right now to maintain operations, but also do you plenty of harm, should anything go wrong.

Safety and efficiency are the two reasons why your business need an electrical safety check, in a nutshell, that is.

Want to know why else your business needs an electrical safety check?

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Early identification can save you time and money

One of the main reasons why your business would benefit from a professional electrical safety check is that they identify three main electrical issues that could pose risks.

What are the three electrical issues?

  • Defective electrical work

If your business is running on defective electrical work, it means it could be a ticking time bomb. An electrical safety check can pick up defective electrical work that’s due to shoddy, unqualified electrician work or DIY jobs that have caused premature system degradation.

  • Electrical circuit hazards

Another area that an electrical safety inspection picks up on are any potential overloaded electrical circuits that lack bonding or earthing.

  • Fire hazards and electrical shock risks

Ever wonder if you could prevent a mild or nasty electrical shock in the workplace? Want to know the warning signs that could lead to an electrical fire hazard?

Electrical safety inspections will identify any oversized fuses or breakers that could cause a fire hazard or develop electrical shock risks.

By detecting any electrical faults or hazards early on, before they happen, you can save yourself as a business owner, a lot of hassle, money and downtime that electrical emergencies often create.

Electric safety checks are a legal requirement

Electrical safety checks (or certificates, here in Western Australia) are now a legal requirement for landlords, both residential and commercial.

Why? To ensure all staff, tenants and visitors have compliant smoke alarms and RCD protection on final sub circuits.

How? Throughout the comprehensive electrical safety check, your commercial electrician will identify any risks associated with the electrical equipment, assess these risks and implement measures to mitigate or prevent those risks.

If you’re unsure of the details, refer to the Electrical Safety Act (1988), which also states that these safety checks (certificates) must be carried out by a licensed electrician.

This means that being safe from electrical hazards is the law. Mitigate your business’ risk by organising an electrical safety check with a licenced commercial electrician today.

Electrical safety checks save lives and livelihoods

Safety is paramount in the workplace and completing an electrical safety check is one important way to do this. Fires, electric shocks, electrocution and other damage can result due to unmaintained and inefficient electrical systems.

Save lives and livelihoods by organising an electrical safety check in your workplace, sooner rather than later.

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