3 Reasons electrical currents need to be grounded

Sep 30, 2021

Electricity has changed life as we know it for well over a hundred years.

It’s made life more convenient, brightened up our nights and connected us to more people and places across the world.

However, electricity can be dangerous in some circumstances – especially if not installed or maintained properly. To enhance electrical safety, electrical currents should be grounded.

Want to know three reasons why electrical currents need to be grounded?

Read more from the Perth commercial electrician team at Wacomm to find out.

What does ‘grounding’ electricity mean?

With electrical wires, there’s what’s known as an active wire, which is responsible for supplying power, and a neutral wire, which carries that current back.

A grounding wire can be attached to electrical outlets and devices, which is then securely connected to the ground at the breaker box.

What is its purpose?

  • To act as an additional path for an electrical current to return safely to the ground without endangering anyone in the event of a short circuit.
  • If or when a short circuit does occur, the current will flow through the ground wire, resulting in a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker.

The outcome of this event is much more welcomed than the likelihood of fatality coming from an electrical shock of a non-grounded current.

To direct electricity smoothly, providing protection from overloads

A grounded electrical system makes it a lot easier for power to be directed wherever you need it.

This allows safe and efficient travel of electrical currents throughout the entire electrical system.

Also, your appliances, building and everyone inside it is protected from electrical surges, stabilising the voltage levels.

The earth is the answer (for the best conductor)

The earth is our home and sustains life. Yet did you know the earth is also a great conductor of electricity? Excess electricity always takes the path that provides less resistance.

When you ground your business’ electrical systems, you’re giving it somewhere else to go, other than yourself or another employee or customer standing next to you.

Just another way that the earth can save a life.

To stop damage, injury and death

Workplace electrical appliances and systems can malfunction, especially when not first installed and maintained by a commercial electrician.

An electrical system that’s ungrounded, takes on the risk of any and all appliances connected being fried beyond saving. Save the frustrations, downtime and costs associated with electrical damages and protect your electrical system.

In the worst possible case scenario, a power overload from an ungrounded electrical system could start an electrical fire, resulting in the potential for extensive property damage, physical damage or even death.

Trust in your commercial electrician

Electrical safety in the workplace is everybody’s business.

Protect yourself, your staff, clientele, visitors and contractors by ensuring all electrical currents on site are suitably grounded.

Wacomm are your Perth commercial electrical contractors you can turn towards to enhance electrical efficiency and safety.

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