Understanding and preventing electrical power surges

Aug 30, 2021

Electrical power surges are one of the most common electrical issues to occur in the home and the workplace. Yet not everyone can safely say they know what they are, what they mean, let alone how to prevent them.

Don’t worry – below we will aim to enlighten you on the causes of electrical power surges and most importantly, how to prevent them to keep your business safe and electrically enhanced.

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An electrical power surge defined

Essentially, an electrical power surge refers to a spike in the electrical charge at some spot in the power grid. From this spike comes an increase in electrical potential energy, which in turn leads to an electrical current boost flowing to your usual wall outlets.

When there’s an electrical power surge with large voltage spikes, this can very well cause damage, danger, and worst-case scenario – an electrical fire!

Let’s take you through the common causes of an electrical power surge.

In focus: the common causes of an electrical power surge

Now you know what the common causes of an electrical power surge are, it’s time to see how and why they are commonly caused.

What are they?

  • An electrical overload where a single circuit uses a large amount of power, leading to a power surge. In conjunction with this event, a tripped circuit breaker may also occur.
  • The aftermath of a blackout or unexpected power outage causing a sudden jump in current when the power switches back on.
  • Branches (or even entire trees) falling onto overhead power lines, creating a power surge in your home.
  • Faulty wiring or old and weathered electrical appliances because damaged wiring offers little resistance, meaning plenty of conducive materials have the potential to spike the wire current.
  • Lightning strikes – not all too common but still a possibility.
  • When an electrical utility company switches off your power grid as part of regular maintenance work.

If any of the above causes are impacting your business operations and you need professional electrical assistance fast, trust in your commercial electrician in Perth.

Is there anything you can do to prevent electrical power surges?

Yes! There definitely are things you can put in place at home and at work to prevent electrical power surges from happening.

What are they?

  • Unplug electrical devices and appliances that are not in use
  • Upgrade any old and/or faulty wiring
  • Consider installing surge protectors, or better yet, install specialised electrical outlets that will provide protection against a potential power surge. How do they work? By blocking excess voltage from reaching your electrical devices and appliances in the event of a power surge event.

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