What you need to know about power surges

Dec 22, 2021

Electricity powers our world and is something we all have taken for granted at some point in our lives. Electricity also works silently around us, non-stop, until well – it doesn’t.

Have you ever had multiple electrical appliances act up at the same time while you’re at work? It could be flickering lights, devices turning off and on or even dying while in use, completely.

This is likely the result of a power surge, but not all power surges are the same.

So, what do you need to know about power surges at work?

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What is a power surge, anyway?

A power surge refers to the event where there’s a sudden increase in the voltage entering your premises.

As mains voltage utilised in Australia is between 230V and 5OHz – this means all standard electrical sockets can supply between 220-240V of electricity to devices connected to it.

Yet, in the event of a power surge – the sudden increase of voltage – connected devices are put at risk of damage, because of the higher than usual voltage.

Our Perth commercial electrician team will further enlighten you, below.


Are there any common causes of a power surge?

Yes – there are. The biggest cause of a power surge event is thanks to faulty wiring.

What does this mean?

  • When electrical wiring at a business isn’t properly installed, this leads to electricity not efficiently distributed.
  • The result – the potential for sudden spikes of electricity of potentially dangerous levels.

Fortunately, this is something business owners have complete control over. Your trusted Perth commercial electrician can fault find for you, detecting any problem areas, before big issues arise.

What are the other causes?

  • High powered appliances that demand a large amount of electricity (such as your office air conditioning units and refrigerator to name a few).
  • Storms and lightning strikes – unfortunately, these are out of anybody’s control.

If you believe your workplace electricity capacities have been compromised by any of the above, organise a trusted Perth commercial electrician to come over to problem solve.


Prevent power surge effects with these two products

There are two efficient products available to the general public to minimise the effects of a power surge – surge protectors and surge diverters.

  • Surge protectors

These allow you to plug in your appliance, like a standard power strip, but come with added built-in safety mechanisms that will absorb excess electricity in the unfortunate event of a power surge.

They can also reliably cut off electricity flow of your device manually, so you don’t have to worry about technological faults affecting the surge protector from completing its main function.

  • Surge diverters

Different to the above, surge diverters redirect excess voltage to the ground and are connected directly to your main power board, rather than workplace electrical outlets.

These are well regarded in the event of a workplace power surge, as your entire workplace becomes better protected.

Organise a Perth commercial electrician to come to your workplace to install these products at your business.


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